Angel Of Pain

by Thunderfist

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Remixed track, "Angel Of Pain" from their album, "Screamin' Heavy Metal".


Angel of Pain
lyrics by Matt Suter

You grasp the strands of your useless life,
Praying just to feel emotion
You drown in sin, give in to vice,
Basking in moral erosion
Reaching out to Hell and darkness,
Waiting for some unholy sign,
Then your world is ripped to pieces,
A tortured angel's heard your cry

The smell of death invades the room
Blood spills across the floor you’re soaking in your doom
The sweet sting of pain as hooks invade your skin
Screaming out in again you love the state you’re in

Ecstasy and agony feel the same,
The Angel of Pain
Hears your cries, and your painful goodbyes
He’s the Saint of Sorrow
The Angel of Pain

Blood pours from your eyes
As the pain drains your life
Deep inside you burn as
You body starts to turn

Razor wire around your neck, cuts into your throat
Acid spews out of your mouth, as you cough and choke
The Angel looking on with pride, smiles at what he’s made
Your wish come true, you feel it now, he’s come to your aid

A victim now the servant
Bound within these walls
Worshiping Leviathan till another stranger calls
Screams echo from torture
Cries echo from pain
Eternal rivers flow with blood as flesh falls like rain

Bound to pain eternally as metal grips your spine
Blades pierce through your skull, forcing their way into your mind
Muscles all contorted as you feel your body groan
Flesh gives way to spikes that drill their way into your bone

Humanity erased from your victimized remains
Existence now defined by the Hell that you will raise
Wandering the Labyrinth your life is freed by Pain
Worshiped in their nightmares a new Messiah bound in chains

Ecstasy and agony, feel the same,
The Angel of Pain
Heard your cries, and your painful goodbyes
He’s the Saint of Sorrow
The Angel of Pain


released March 1, 2016
Matt Suter - Vocals
Sean Gallagher - Guitars
Jordan Ryan - Guitars
Nate Hartley - Bass
Tom Wierzbicky - Drums



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Thunderfist York, Pennsylvania

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